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The Birth of Footsteps 4 Life?

Footsteps 4 Life is a Sports Provision and Wraparound Care company founded by Tony Hadley and Nick Sharp in 2017. The idea of Footsteps 4 Life stemmed from wanting to create a positive impact on the children’s mental and physical well-being as there was a lack of opportunities with regards to participation in extra curricular clubs. This passion for health and well-being within children focused their attention on how they could improve this and provide a large variety of opportunities that the children had never tried before. Also wanting to solve a need for the parents, they wanted to be able to offer quality, affordable childcare that parents could rely upon.

They have since developed their ideas even further and created their own Programme of Sport and Well-being with a primary focus to enhance how sport is delivered and perceived. For the full document, please contact us.


Nick Sharp

Director and Co- Founder


Tony Hadley

Director and Co- Founder

About Nick and Tony

Nick is a fully qualified teacher, that also has a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science. He has a passion to inspire, motivate and most of all, positively impact children during an incredibly important time in their lives. It was crucial at Footsteps 4 Life for him to create an environment in which children can thrive in their Social and Personal development, by promoting learners who are conscientious and independent in their thinking, equipping them with the requisite confidence and skills for their future life.

Tony is a trained Learning Mentor who specialises in supporting children who are experiencing difficulties in their learning due to social, emotional or behavioral issues. He has a passion for being able to improve children's social skills and mental health awareness, which forms the basis for his practices at Footsteps 4 Life. Tony creates a supportive and nurturing childcare supervision for the children to explore new activities and interests, learn new skills and grow as people.

Nick and Tony's backgrounds in education form the fundamental practices of the company.


  • To provide high quality, affordable childcare before, after school and also during the school holidays.

  • To transform and enhance how sport is delivered and perceived through our unique Program of Sport and Well-being.

  • To extend the curriculum for the personal development of pupils through an extensive array of extra curricular clubs which enhances their core values.


  • Integrity and passion to provide a service that exceeds expectations.

  • To give children the courage to try new things and develop their confidence and self worth.

  • Being inclusive to all children, parents and staff, to create a space where everyone is involved and the children can strive.

  • To be role-models for every child.

  • Children are at the forefront of everything we do.

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