Meet The Team

Nick Sharp- Founder/ Directer

I am a former teacher with the aspirations  of being able to inspire, motivate and most of all, positively impact children at an incredibly important time in their lives. Through Footsteps 4 Life we are able to create an environment in which children can thrive in their Social and Personal development, by promoting learners who are conscientious and independent in their thinking, which will equip them with the requisite confidence and skills for their future life.

Breakfast Club Team

Debbie Petre

Akesa Phillips

Tony Hadley- Founder/ Directer

I am a former Learning Mentor specialising in supporting children who were experiencing difficulties in their learning due to social, emotional or behaviour issues. I have a passion for being able to improve the children's social skills and mental health awareness. The idea of Footsteps 4 Life came during the summer holidays when I felt that there was a need to create a supportive and nurturing childcare supervision for the children to explore new activities and interests, learn new skills and grow as people.

After School Club Team

Billy Hadley

Sarah Dowse

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