After School Club

Remove the pressure from pick up time

Why We Stand Out

Allow your children to thrive in their development, even once the school day is over. Footsteps 4 Life offers an extensive service that aims at developing your child's education and physical well being in a supportive and relaxing environment; just what they need at the end of  a busy school day. The service provides well structured physical activities, corresponding to the National Curriculum, to further develop and enhance new and current skills. Your child will also be able to pursue their own interests, by exploring a variety of engaging learning stations. A station will be provided as an extension to the National Curriculum, delivered by a fully qualified teacher

After School Club Schedule 

Pick up

 At the end of the school day, the children will be collected from their designated classes by a member of Footsteps 4 Life and taken to the upper school hall where they will be registered. 


 The children will be able to then choose their nutritional snack from the Footsteps menu, which will be updated on a regular basis.


Choice of Activity

 They will then be able to participate in the selection of activities on offer. The children will be encouraged to take part in physical activity, however, it is not mandatory and other activities will be available.



 Another healthy snack will be provided. Please note that children picked up before 16:00 will not receive this snack.


Free Time

 Children will have the opportunity to pursue their own interests by exploring different learning stations.


Broadening the Curriculum

 A station dedicated to extending the learning beyond the school day delivered by a fully qualified teacher.

Parent Pick Up

 Collection will take place at reception, after a member of Footsteps 4 Life has dismissed the child. The service finishes at 18:00, however, your child can be collected at anytime during the service. *See T and C's for pricing.

Exposing your child to the importance of social interaction, boosting confidence.

Supporting your child's academic learning.

Broadening your child's knowledge on the importance of a healthy active lifestyle.

A supportive and relaxing environment that your child will love to attend at the end of a school day.

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