Programme of Sport and Well-being

About Our Programme

Footsteps 4 Life’s Programme of Sport is an in-depth programme which looks to bring health and well-being to the forefront by changing the mindsets of children, parents and staff in schools. By implementing each stage of the programme, we aim to bring a brand new sporting ethos and culture into every school that we work with.

The programme comprises of 6 important aspects which all interlink and compliment each other. 


PPA Cover

We cover all P.E lessons across the school from nursery to Year 6. All lessons run in line with the National Curriculum with learning objectives for each lesson. We make it a priority to support those children who struggle the most to participate whilst also challenging the Gifted and Talented. We do this through employing specialist adults to help achieve this. From qualified teachers planning each individual lesson to Learning Mentors using their experience in dealing with behaviour, social and emotional and self esteem problems. All children will be regularly assessed at the end of each module using assessment grids that correspond to the learning objectives based upon the National Curriculum. Using the data collected, we will be able to track each individual and monitor their progression, which will be fed back to the corresponding teacher.

With experience in the role, we offer on hand support to the P.E Lead/Coordinators in regards to P.E across the school. 


This could include areas such as creating the action plan, writing the school P.E policy for the year, setting goals, and updating the school's P.E policy through to aiding and setting up Sports Day or even running and organising the schools various sports teams.

We would also like to be able to bring schools in the local area together by organising inter school competitions. We feel bringing communities together through sporting events creates deeper connections with other families and a greater sense of community togetherness.


Support The P.E Coordinator


Lunchtime Provision

We run a wide range of bespoke lunchtime opportunities for children to participate in. Lunchtime is a key part of the day where children's development should continue.

The focus of this is to provide children with opportunities to increase their physical activity, whilst developing and enhancing new and current skills.

We create a variety of opportunities for pupils that extends beyond the academic curriculum, broadening their development and enabling the children to discover their interests and talents. We constantly seek new opportunities in which the children can participate, whilst maintaining a large variety of daily clubs that cater for every individual.


The success of our After School Activities is reflected through the number of children that participate in our current schools. Many of our clubs have had to be extended in order to meet the demand.


Click here to find out more about our Extra Curricular Clubs.


Extra Curricular Clubs


Healthy And Charity Initiatives

Throughout the year we run healthy initiatives and charity events to create a buzz around living a healthy lifestyle. Trying to create a sustainable environment, the money raised will help fund the schools future projects.


We do this by creating events that children want to take part in. This consists of educating the children so that they will be able to take actionable steps towards living a healthier life.


Collaborating both health and well-being and education then optimizes the children's potential education when in school.

We believe that parents play a huge part in helping schools achieve.


We use parent partnership meetings and workshops to help educate both parents and children on the importance of healthy living.


This allows parents to also contribute to the delivery of our services, consequently impacting their children’s future.


Parent Partnership

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We are extremely excited about this programme, knowing the long term impact that we will achieve at your school.


Please note- You do not need to implement  the whole programme for us to work with you. We offer a tailored service to cater for your requirements.

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